As Seen on The Knot

Photo Booth Backdrops

Our standard photo booth comes with a white curtain backdrop. It’s classic!  Our second option is to have an open photo booth, which means there is no curtain enclosure and the vinyl backdrop or drapes hang on a photographer’s backdrop stand. Open photo booth backdrop options include,  barn wood, white barn wood, white brick, large matte silver sequin drape, black sequin drape,  gold sequin drape, silver sequin drape, champagne sequin drape or light pink sequin drape.  Both standard curtain backgrounds and vinyl backgrounds can be shot in either color or black & white.


Open Photo Booth Backdrops


Barn Wood in color + staging

Barn Wood  + staging (+$75)


Black Sequin Drapes

Black Sequin Drape (up to 7′ tall)


Champagne Drape (Up to 7' Tall)

Champagne Sequin Drape (up to 7′ tall)


Gold Sequin Drape (up to 7')

Gold Sequin Drape (up to 7′)


Silver Sequin Drape (up to 7′ tall)


Light Pink Sequin Drapes (Up to 7')

Light Pink Sequin Drapes (up to 7′)


White Barn Wood


White Brick

White Brick





Traditional Photo Booth White Curtain Backdrop

White Background in Color

White in Color




White in B&W

White in B&W




Matte Silver Large Sequin Drape (up to 9′)